We need your support!

We are actively seeking community involvement, volunteers and support. Everything from organizers and administrators to musicians, presenters, IT support, curriculum development, and donation of services.

We welcome and encourage anyone that is interested in getting involved to contact us at info@momentnyc.org.

The grants available to us want to see what the program is doing in the community, how it helps the community and that it has support from individuals in the form of fundraising, volunteers, and donations. we are off to a great start and now we are looking for people to spearhead organizing program visits to their local school.

Moment NYC (EIN #38-3943443) is a non-profit organization exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code.

You can support us in many ways: volunteering, resources, ideas, of course, donations.

Contact us at info@momentnyc.org