Costs and Funding

The MOMENT NYC visiting music history presentation is offered to public schools at little to no-cost on a sliding scale based on our ability to secure outside funding and the hosting schools resources. Our funding comes from grants, city discretionary funding, commercial sponsorship and private donations. Schools are asked to provide any support they can offer in the form of projectors, PA, printing, student and teacher prep, and fundraising through the PTA and outreach to the local community and businesses.

Bring this Program to Your School

To bring MOMENT to your school, we will need an interested group or individual to be in contact with us who can be any of the following:
  •     A member of the PTA
  •     Parents whose children attend the school
  •     Teachers
  •     The school principal
  •     Other administrators from the school

We will provide materials to describe and promote the program for local support. Ultimately we will need direct communication with either the school principal or someone authorized to speak for the school and provide the space, access and resources necessary for our program. We look forward to working with your school to tailor fit a program that is right.


The program is available in three basic formats, each designed to have the students delve deeper into their thinking about music in general, music in their lives, and the meaning of music to us as humans and to our city.



Our current survey offers a sampling of several key styles of music developed in NYC -- Jazz, Latin, Rock, Folk, Hip Hop, Broadway, Songwriters -- presented by a live band of world class musicians with commentary, images and interaction with the students.


A deep-dive focuses on an individual style of music or subject to allow for more in-depth discussion and smaller ensembles consisting of 1-4 musicians or solely as a multimedia presentation.

Our current programs include: Jazz : From Stride piano to Swing, and Be Bop • Song Writing and Publishing in NYC, From Tim Pan Alley to the Brill Building • That's Entertainment!: Vaudeville to Broadway • NY Latin Music: Afro Cuban Jazz, Boogaloo, and Salsa • NYC Rock: Doo Wop to Punk Rock • Soul, Disco, and Hip Hop • NYC's Famous Venues From the Village Vanguard to the Apollo and Carnegie Hall • The American Folk Revival, Folk Rock, and the Cultural Revolution of the 60 • Avant Garde and the Minimalists • Technology: Its Effects on Music and the Recording Industry


Presentation materials (slides, video, music clips, presentation script and handouts) for teachers. These will be adapted from the overview and individual program modules for use at any time throughout the school year as an enhancement to social studies that providing community pride and arts exposure. [This material is being prepared and not currently available]

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